Welcome to the StarTopia!

We are a casual Sci-fi Gaming Community on PC / MAC / PS4 with a primary focus on playing Sci-fi titles such as:

ARK: Survival Evolved, Planetside 2, Destiny, No Man's Sky, Starwars: Battlefront & Starbound

Currently StarTopia is a member based community. To become a member of our community, Join our forums and fill out an application! Our only requirement is that you respect others and are looking for a casual, fun environment

What are the Benefits of joining?

- Be apart of a fun casual gaming community
- Play a wide range of sci-fi themed games on PC / Mac / PS4 Platforms
- Have fun!
- Weekly Gaming Nights / Events

Book of Rules

  • No Flaming, Exploiting, Hacking, Griefing, Stealing or Flaming
  • No Racist or Sexist Remarks
  • Respecting other players
  • Responding to Staff requests
  • No killing other members unless both flagged for PVP

Any player who is seen violating these rules will be removed from the Community. We have a zero tolerance policy for those who want to create conflicts. Please be sure to report any players you may suspect or witness breaking the rules. If you experience any player breaking these rules, please report their username on our forum.